Dienstag, 8. März 2016

Fiesta de Queso

Hello to all my dear readers,

This might be the first time I'm writing a blogpost in English. Why? We'll why not?
Ok, it has a reason, actually. Looking back I'm not sure why I had started with German. 
I know by choosing the language I know best only a certain amount of people could read it and I'm leaving out friends and family from abroad. But I guess why not switch it up?
Maybe I'll only write every second blogpost in German from now on. And someday I'll also do my best to write one in Spanish. I promise! 
Elisa, a lovely volunteer from Italy whom I've known since October motivated me to write at least once in English. She has a great passion for writing, but also prefers her mother tongue. 
So there was a little agreement between each other to change our blogs up a bit! ;)

I'd like to tell you a little about last Sunday. After going out to Spanish "fiesta" in Santiago de Compostela, dancing until the sun rose, friends (Tanya, Ivan and Sofia) and I drove to the town Arzua to visit a big cheese festival, called "Fiesta de Queso". 
There were endless different kinds of cheeses to try and nobody stopped at a plate that offered little pieces. Accept of me. I was thinking about it, because after all I try to eat vegan. 
And although before starting to eat vegan a year ago I had loved cheese and might still do, I chose not to. I was ok with it- I had brought food with me :)
Veganism is a daily choice and I'm not always that great at it. When it comes to food, I really try and sometimes make an acceptation (eggs in a birthday cake,...). But two weeks ago I bought myself new boots and I'm still wondering if they're made of leather. Then I start questioning how big my compassion against animal cruelty really is. But I try to stay honest and improve!
Anyway, so the festival was fun, especially because of the great company. 
Although I don't believe cheese is the healthiest food on the planet and fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, seeds and legumes are way better for us, I still wanted to go see it.
Because this is part of the Spanish and Galician culture, which is valuable to see!
Because I'm here for nine months and I want to experience as much as possible.
Because relaxing at home is fine, but I'd rather be outside :)

I hope you are all having a good week!
Enjoy the pictures and see you soon!

"Reisemaus" & "Travel Mouse"

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